Rock My World (Black Falcons #2.5) by Michelle A. Valentine

Chrissy’s Review: I Loved It!

And… Michelle does it again, I cannot get enough of the Black Falcons! Zach aka “Riff” and Aubrey I think are my faves in this series. It wasn’t until this book that they became that way though, I really changed my thoughts on these characters with this book.  This novella was just enough to make me not want to wait for the next book. This novella pulled at my heart strings, and without giving anything away, I knew what it was like to be in Aubrey’s shoes with her parents, since I’ve gone through the whole thing. I really disliked her father, and her mother, but in the end, they weren’t “too” bad.

I downloaded, started, and finished this thing in one sitting, I absolutely love Michelle and all of her books! If you loved any of the other Black Falcon books, you will not want to miss out on reading this one. I won’t say its my favorite, because it was too short, but combined with Rock My Bed, it is!

The writing, the follow up to the end of Rock My Bed, and just more of Zach and Aubrey was perfect. Absolutely loved, loved, loved it. Cannot wait for more  Black Falcon books! And maybe another one with Zach and Aubrey?? (wishful thinking). Definitely pick this book up and read it, it will be worth it.

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