*Review*: Bully (Fall Away #1) by Penelope Douglas

Chrissy’s Review: I Loved It!

Oh Jared and Tate (Tatum) how I loved your story! Jared came off as a complete asshole totally making Tate’s life hell in high school, and she can’t wait to get away for her junior year in France, but when she comes back Jared is different, granted she still hates him, but still cannot figure out why after years of friendship, he began to hate her and torment her throughout high-school.

I must admit, I loved how Tate decided to finally stick up for herself, granted sometimes she went a little far, but she definitely radiated true girl power in how she stuck up for herself when she got back from France. Some of her antics were hilarious and I could totally see myself doing them. A girl can only be pushed so far, right? And Jared, oh Jared, he gave off so many different signals to Tate, he went from her best friend growing up, to her torturer, to completely ignoring her and confusing her when she got back from France.

You can tell the there is unfinished business and longing in these characters, and the story keeps you on the edge of your seat. Can Tate really trust Jared? Why is Madoc (Jared’s best friend) telling her that Jared kept all guys away from her, and why is K.C. Tate’s best friend who hated Jared with her, now changing her tune? Granted I hated Madoc in the beginning, but by the end of the book, I had warmed up to him, still not sure about trusting him, but he had me cracking up, and I’m so excited to see we will be getting a book about Madoc in part 2 (Rival). K.C. on the other hand, as a girls best friend, should not have done some of the things she did, and Tate should not have forgiven so easily in my opinion. There is a girl code! Tate isn’t one of those whiny leading girls, and you fall in love with her attitude, and feel her struggles along with her. Jared, I wish we could have gotten into his mind some more, and see what he was thinking!

The series of events in this book have you not wanting to stop reading until the end (2 am in my case ;) )You want to strangle certain characters, cry with some, and just try to understand how people can be so hurtful. You will hate, love, hate, and love Jared and even Madoc. You will see how girls no matter what age can be total bitches sometimes, and I love how Penelope Douglas didn’t try to make everything sugar and spice and everything nice. The real world is not, and real life experiences are not always sunshine and rainbows. I felt she gave these characters a real factor so they were relate able.

I’m sad that book 2 is not going to focus on Tate and Jared and their story, but rather Madoc’s, but at the same time, I’m thrilled to see whats going on with Madoc, and hopefully still get some insight into Tate and Jared. I loved and hated the characters in this book, and am so glad I picked it up last night. I could not put it down, even if I wanted to. It was amazing, and I highly recommend it to anyone out there

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