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*Review*: Real (Real #1) by Katy Evans

I Loved It!

Ok, I jumped on this bandwagon a little late, but OMG I want to kick myself for waiting so long to read this book! I freaking loved it! The story captured me from the start and just did not let go. I need to make some room on my book boyfriend list for Remington Tate! <3 <3 <3

I fell in love with Remy quickly and only fell harder as the book went on, and Brooke, wow, she was a greatly written character who was so fun to read! When Remy asks Brooke her name the spark you feel from her makes you want to get to know him so much more. And then, the next day, wow… not knowing what she was getting into, made this story even more great. Brooke didn’t know she would fall for Remy, didn’t know about his true self and why he is the way he is, but their story was amazing, the getting to know each other, the chemistry, everything. LOVED IT!

I don’t think there are many out there that have not read this book by now, but if you haven’t, its a must read! It was so well written, and the characters are amazing. Even the secondary characters grabbed you and made you want to get more of them as well. This book will definitely take you on a thrill ride and have your heart break, heal, and have you laugh, cry, and everything in between.


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